Hey there, amazing followers! 🌟 Ready to dive into the world of the internet sensation and cosplay queen, Kiwi Sunset? 🎉 You’re in for a treat! With over 717,000 devoted fans and counting, Kiwi has taken the Instagram world by storm with her unique blend of fashion, cosplay, and positive vibes. Let’s get to know the fabulous Virgo from the United States who’s been turning heads and stealing hearts.

Early Life and Beyond 🌍

Born on September 13, 2002, Kiwi Sunset emerged into the world of social media like a shooting star. While her exact age is still a well-kept secret, there’s no doubt she’s wise beyond her years. With an air of mystery and elegance, Kiwi keeps us intrigued.

Hailing from the United States, Kiwi proudly represents her multi-racial heritage, and though she’s a bit reserved about her family history, one thing’s for sure – she’s received immense love and support from her parents. They’ve been her rock, propelling her towards her dreams.

The Journey to Stardom 🚀

Kiwi embarked on her Instagram journey in May 2016, and her first post was nothing short of enchanting – a photo of a captivating moth. Little did we know, this was just the beginning of her spectacular online presence.

Her love for cosplay, combined with an unquenchable thirst for creativity, catapulted her into the hearts of fans worldwide. Dressing up as iconic characters like Megumin from the KonoSuba series, she brings fantasy to life with every post. It’s safe to say, Kiwi is not just another Instagram celebrity; she’s a force of nature.

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Kiwi Sunset: Key Information

Full NameKiwi Sunset
BirthdaySeptember 13, 2002
Birth SignVirgo
BirthplaceUnited States
Age21 years old (as of September 2023)
Instagram FollowersOver 717,000
Social MediaInstagram, Twitch
Pet CompanionsTwo collies named Jojo and Caesar, various reptiles and arachnids
CosplayKnown for her cosplay content, including as Megumin from KonoSuba series
Online AliasInspired by her love of kiwi fruit
Net WorthEstimated between $350,000 and $450,000
Online PresenceInstagram star, Twitch streamer
Relationship StatusSingle
Height5 feet 2 inches (1.58 meters)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Body MeasurementsNot disclosed

Kiwi Sunset’s Social Media Dominance

Instagram: Kiwi Sunset’s main platform, where she has over 717,000 followers. On Instagram, she shares her fashion, cosplay, and daily life through captivating photos and engaging captions. Her creative posts and unique style have garnered her a substantial following, making her a popular figure in the cosplay and fashion communities.

Twitch: Kiwi is also active on Twitch under the handle “@kiwi_sunset” On this platform, she livestreams gaming content, interacts with her audience, and shares her gaming adventures. Twitch allows her to connect with her fans in real-time and showcase her gaming skills and charming personality.

Behind the Username 🥝

Ever wonder why she goes by the name Kiwi Sunset? Well, it’s not just a random choice. She’s got a soft spot for the kiwi fruit, and her name perfectly encapsulates her vibrant and colorful personality. 🥝

More Than Just Instagram ✨

A Loving Pet Parent 🐾

Kiwi is not just about fashion and cosplay; she’s a devoted pet parent too. She’s adopted two adorable collies, Jojo and Caesar, and has a menagerie of reptiles and arachnids. Her love for animals knows no bounds.

Jojo and Caesar

The Mysterious Love Life ❤️

As her star continues to rise, fans are naturally curious about her love life. However, Kiwi has masterfully kept her private life under wraps. Whether she’s in a relationship or enjoying the single life is a secret only time will reveal. For now, let’s respect her need for privacy and focus on celebrating her talents.

Beauty and Beyond 🌸

Standing at a graceful height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.58 meters), Kiwi boasts mesmerizing black eyes and luscious black hair that add to her undeniable allure. With a slender and attractive figure, she’s a true fashion icon. While her exact measurements remain a mystery, one thing is certain: she’s a vision of beauty.

Net Worth: Counting the Coins 💰

Kiwi Sunset isn’t just a pretty face; she’s a savvy entrepreneur too. Brands pay a pretty penny for the privilege of being featured on her Instagram account, thanks to her impressive following. With an average follower engagement rate of 3.37%, her sponsorship income ranges from $2,168.25 to $3,613.75 per post. Her estimated net worth? A cool $350,000 to $450,000. That’s the power of Kiwi!

Rising Above Rumors 🌪️

In a world filled with rumors and controversies, Kiwi Sunset stands tall. She’s all about spreading love and positivity to her friends and followers. While detractors may try to bring her down, Kiwi remains unbothered, focused on what truly matters – her incredible journey and the amazing community she’s built.

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That’s a wrap on the enchanting story of Kiwi Sunset. With each post and every cosplay, she’s capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. We can’t wait to see where her incredible journey takes her next. Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning of Kiwi’s sensational rise to stardom! 🌟

(FAQ) about Kiwi Sunset

Who is Kiwi Sunset?

Kiwi Sunset is an Instagram star known for her fashion and cosplay content. She’s also active on Twitch and has a significant online following.

When is Kiwi Sunset’s birthday?

Kiwi Sunset was born on September 13, 2002, and she is a Virgo.

Where is Kiwi Sunset from?

Kiwi Sunset hails from the United States.

How old is Kiwi Sunset?

As of September 2023, Kiwi Sunset is 21 years old.

What is her online presence like?

Kiwi Sunset is primarily active on Instagram and Twitch, where she shares her content and interacts with her fans.

Does Kiwi Sunset have any pets?

Yes, she is a loving pet parent to two collies named Jojo and Caesar, as well as various reptiles and arachnids.

What is Kiwi Sunset known for in the cosplay community?

Kiwi Sunset is known for her cosplay content, and she has dressed as characters, including Megumin from the KonoSuba series.

How did she come up with her online alias, “Kiwi Sunset”?

Her online name is inspired by her love of kiwi fruit.

What is Kiwi Sunset’s estimated net worth?

Her net worth is estimated to be between $350,000 and $450,000.

Is Kiwi Sunset in a relationship?

As of the provided information, Kiwi Sunset is single.


Kiwi Sunset is a dynamic and charismatic figure in the world of social media, captivating her audience with her stunning cosplay, unique style, and engaging content. With a thriving Instagram following of over 717,000 fans, she has made a name for herself as an Instagram star, while also showcasing her gaming prowess on Twitch.

Her mysterious online alias, inspired by her love for kiwi fruit, adds a touch of intrigue to her persona. Kiwi’s financial success, with an estimated net worth between $350,000 and $450,000, reflects her savvy entrepreneurial spirit in the digital realm.

While Kiwi Sunset’s age remains a well-kept secret, her age-defying talent and charisma continue to attract admirers from around the world. As a loving pet parent to collies Jojo and Caesar and a variety of other animals, she demonstrates her caring nature beyond her online presence.

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